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Dedicated Biopsy Services – A Leader In Mobile Stereotactic and Ultrasound Biopsy

At Dedicated Biopsy Services we specialize in providing breast biopsy support and supplies to Hospitals, Clinics, and Individual physician offices. We have been partnering with facilities throughout Southern California and Arizona for over ten years and have conducted more than 16,000 Stereotactic Biopsies. Our unique concentration in this area gives our teams the experience that allows us to be cost effective, time efficient, and medically accurate.


“We Have a Program For Every Need


Mobile Biopsy Suites

Our custom made mobile breast biopsy suites are built from the ground up to provide the upmost in physician support and patient comfort. Our two person teams take the burden off your staff and hospital space. Our finely tuned protocols and highly trained staff will ensure that your program runs in a patient centered cost effective manner.

In-House Staffing

From Temporary to Permanent our staff will do it all. Stereotactic biopsies are sometimes very complicated procedures. Many times facilities find themselves without the experienced staff necessary to support their physicians and patients. We can eliminate the stress of having find, hire and train stereotactic biopsy technicians. Our highly experienced and friendly staff are and ready to support your facility. We can get your program back up and running in no time and all at an overall cost that is less than in-house support.

In-House Equipment and Staff

Why go through the expense of purchasing expensive sterotactic biopsy equipment that ties up space and sits unused most of the time? Now combine that with the difficulty and expense of hiring, training and keeping competent stereotactic biopsy technicians and you will see why facilities choose to use DBS for their entire in-house stereotactic needs. We install our state of the art equipment and permanently staff your stereotactic biopsy room all at a fraction of the cost.

  • Reduce Costs – Outsourcing the staff and equipment required to conduct stereotactic biopsies dramatically reduces your overall costs per biopsy. If your Stereotactic equipment and staff are not utilized on a full time basis they probably are not being used at the level they need to be to cost justify the expense. By working with Dedicated Biopsy Services you are able to reallocate those internal resources to other, higher areas of need.
  • Improve Physician Productivity – Working with Dedicated Biopsy Services will lower the average physician time spent per biopsy by as much as 80%. Our biopsy protocol has been developed and refined with the experience of over 16,000 biopsies to ensure the maximum productivity, accuracy and patient comfort.
  • Free up capital and internal resources – There is no need to dedicate room space and use capital resources to purchase and maintain expensive equipment. Free up your staff for other mission critical duties – no need to schedule out nurses and technicians that could be better used else ware. No more need to order, store, and inventory supplies.
  • Reduce Administration – We eliminate the need for your staff to manage Stereotactic related Department Of Health inspections and staff accreditations which take many days of staff time to prepare for and renders your equipment out of service.
  • Eliminate Inventory – Due to volume ordering we are able to negotiate favorable pricing with our supply vendors. Depending on patient volume, these discounts can be passed on to your facility. You purchase only the discounted supplies you need at the time of the procedure eliminating the need for inventory purchase and storage.
  • Improve Control and Flexibility – You can increase or reduce your procedure volume weekly to virtually any level you need. Working with DBS will give you the ability to bring in more resources when you need them and lower them when you don’t. You will have the control and flexibility to handle unforeseen changes in patient volumes quickly and efficiently.
  • Support For Equipment Failure – No problem call us to help support your facility if your stereotactic equipment is out of service.
  • Temporary Staffing – Our techs are available to staff your facility and support your physicians.